Homeless Care: Warming Station Meals

During the winter seasons, the Ministry Center hosts the City of Conway's Emergency Winter Warming Station. For a 10-week period, local churches and over 400 volunteers serve our homeless neighbors.

Each night a hot meal and warm cot are provided as well as community time. Lives are being forever impacted through this program as volunteers and our homeless guests spend time doing life together.


  • Hot Meal

  • Warm Cot

  • Community Time

  • Open each winter, December–February

Here's the scoop on meals:

  • Plan on 50 meals per night.
  • Meals should come already packaged up in a to-go container ready to serve.
  • Please include a package of cutlery with each meal
  • Please include a bottle of water with each meal
  • Individually packaged dessert is optional
  • Individual drinks (sodas or tea) are optional.
  • Dinner should arrive to the front door of the Conway Ministry Center no later than 6:30 pm. 225 E. Robins St.
  • You will likely have to walk around to the side entrance (Warming Station Check-in) to announce that dinner has arrived. 

*** Volunteers are welcome to come inside to serve the meals to our overnight guests and be a smiling/encouraging face. We don't have a ton of space this year, so unfortunately we don't really have a community room to hang out in. But we think it's great for our guests to see that the community cares about them. There won't be room for a ton of volunteers, but we'd love to have three or four folks come in and serve meals. If the meal team isn't comfortable coming inside, they are not obligated to. Staff will be available to serve meals.

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January 23-29, 2022