Week Seven ( October 15-21) – Matthew 7 : 13-23

Week Seven ( October 15-21) – Matthew 7 : 13-23

Scripture Memory:  Matthew 6:30-32

Overview - Matthew 7:13-23

The gate that guides us to eternal life is a narrow gate. This doesn’t mean that the gate is hard to pass through, but that there is only one way. Believing in Jesus is the only way to heaven. Living for Jesus may not be the popular way, but it is the only way.

Jesus gives a warning against false prophets. False prophets are motivated by things that are not of God. They will push you towards riches and power. Typically a false teacher will give little glory to our Savior, but exalt themselves instead. Jesus tells us that a good tree bears good fruit. One of the best ways to evaluate a teacher is to examine their lives. Are they producing good fruit?

Jesus was clear that not only must you call Him Lord, but we must be obedient. When He returns, our relationship with Him is the only thing that will matter. Many people claim to be good people, but only those with faith in Christ will have eternal life.

Day One

 Read Matthew 7:13-23

OBSERVE: Make an outline of the major points from the text. What stood out to you? Did you see any repetition? Lists? Commands? Promises? Are there questions that you have trouble answering?

SUMMARIZE: In a sentence or two summarize the main idea of the passage.

APPLY: Where are you in the story? How do these words challenge you? What is God asking you to do in obedience to His Word?

Day Two

 Read Matthew 7:13-23

Who is Jesus speaking to, and what does He mean when He says, “Enter by the narrow gate”?

Why is it significant that Jesus’ warning about false prophets comes immediately after the discussion about the narrow and wide gates?

In Matthew 7:21-23, who is He talking about, unbelievers or saved people? Explain your answer.

Day Three

 READ Luke 13:24

Walking through the narrow door requires work. The work required is to earnestly desire to know Jesus and strive to follow Him whatever the cost. This door will not stay open forever. We should always be pointing people down this path.

Day Four

 Read 2 Peter 1

Jesus warned the disciples of false teachers. Peter heard these warnings and was now witnessing these false teachings. These false teachers belittled Jesus and His life. They allowed and encouraged wrongful acts. We must be careful of false teachers today and avoid them.

Day Five

READ James 1:22-25

It is important for us to hear God’s word and listen to what it says, but it is significantly more important to be obedient to His word. We should be changed by His words. We must put into action these things that we study.