Week Eight ( October 22-28) – Matthew 7 : 24-29

Week Eight ( October 22-28) – Matthew 7 : 24-29

Scripture Memory:  Matthew 6:33-34

Overview - Matthew 7:24-29

The one who built his house on the rock built his house on a solid foundation. He is one who hears the word of God and applies the word to his life. Practicing obedience allows for a solid foundation that will handle the storms of life. The solid foundation is built to last.

The one who builds his house on sand has built his house on a foundation that will not withstand the storms of life. Many people build their foundation on sand because of thoughtlessness. Believers in Jesus should make it part of our responsibility to help those who may be building their foundation on sand. We should seek out those who need help, point them to Christ, and help them avoid the consequences of a poor foundation.

The house depicted here represents our life. The rain represents judgement from our heavenly Father. The only house that will withstand the rain is the one that is built on the foundation of His word. That foundation requires repentance from the sin in our life and trust in God to provide.

Day One

 Read Matthew 7:24-29

OBSERVE: Make an outline of the major points from the text. What stood out to you? Did you see any repetition? Lists? Commands? Promises? Are there questions that you have trouble answering?

SUMMARIZE: In a sentence or two summarize the main idea of the passage.

APPLY: Where are you in the story? How do these words challenge you? What is God asking you to do in obedience to His Word?

Day Two

 Read Matthew 7:24-29

What do the wise and foolish builders have in common, and what distinguished the two builders from each other?

Nobody sets out to build their life on sand, but so many still do. How do so many well-intentioned people end up in a place where their lives collapse in the storm?

What do the rock, sand, and house represent in this parable?

Day Three

 READ Luke 6:46-49

Obeying God is like building your house on a strong foundation. This foundation can withstand the toughest of storms. When life is calm, no one seems to worry about the foundation. When trying times come, the foundation will be tested. Our foundation should be on Jesus Christ.

Day Four

 Read Psalm 18:2

The rock symbolizes God’s protection. God desires for us to build our lives on His foundation so that He can protect us. He is a stronghold that withstands our enemies.

Day Five

READ 1 Corinthians 3:10-15

A building is only as good as its foundation. Jesus is our foundation. Everything we do should glorify Him. Not only are we as individuals to build our foundation on Christ, the church should be built on Christ as well. Our church is not built on any one person or principle. We are built on Christ.