As a Christian you are either a missionary or an imposter.
Charles Spurgeon

The church at Antioch was the result of many different PEOPLE with many different EXPERIENCES being used for one Kingdom PURPOSE

Acts 11:10-26

Peter had a VISION to take the Gospel to EVERYONE
Stephen was MARTYRED causing FOLLOWERS of Jesus to scatter to Antioch
Cypriot and Cyrenian were the first to share the GOSPEL with GENTILES in Antioch
Paul ENCOUNTERED Jesus and was being DISCIPLED
Barnabas was SENT from Jerusalem to ENCOURAGE and then he RECRUITED Paul

Acts 13:1-3

Antioch viewed their LOCATION as a LAUNCHING point not a FOCAL point
Antioch PURSUED God and desired His AGENDA
Antioch focused on SENDING not gathering
Antioch knew the power of PRAYER

Application Prayer…

Use our campus strategically for the purpose of disciple making, serving, and sending ourselves to our neighbors and the nations

Two Paths