Unchained: A study in Philemon

Unchained: A study in Philemon

A Great Commission

Perspective of a soul winner a. Personal Soul Winner b. everywhere = mission field c. heart for redemption   Encouraging that perspective in others a. Gods greater purpose b. joy in redemption   Commitment to New Believers a. look past baggage b. encourage transformation.    

Forgiveness: The Key to Becoming Free

1. Forgiveness is a CHOICE A. The CRISIS: B. The PROCESS: The Process of Forgiveness Guidelines: 1. I won’t bring up the offense to the person, except for his or her benefit. 2. I won’t bring up the offense to others. 3. I won’t bring up the offense to myself. C. The Cost of Not Forgiving: It destroys your relationship with GOD. It destroys ME. It destroys OTHERS. 2. Forgiveness is available in CHRIST. A. Choose GOD’s FORGIVENESS. B. Jesus…

Understanding the Meaning of True Freedom

Truth 1: You must recognize the conundrum of freedom. Paul- prisoner under law Onesimus- former slave, free from owner Philemon- slave master, obliged to forgive Dictionary Definition of Freedom: “the power to act or speak without externally imposed restraint” Conundrum of Freedom 1. Acting without restraint means bound by sin 2. True freedom = bound to Jesus so free from slavery of sin Declaration of Independence Definition: “inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” Truth 2: True…