So Close Yet So Far

So Close Yet So Far


What is Truth? John 18: 33-38 You can’t understand truth apart from God GOD or YOU Who is on the throne? Keep the Peace Ignored the Problem John 18:31 Passed on the Responsibility Luke 23:13-15 Tried to Use his Intellect John 18:38-40 Ignored Advice Matthew 27:19 Tried to Manipulate the People John 19:1-4 Crumble Under Pressure John 19:10-16 No sitting on the fence Cleared his Conscience Matthew 27:24


Fear does not mean you don’t love JESUS Fear does not mean you don’t love PEOPLE John 13:36-38  Peter’s fear… REJECTION…He DESIRED human APPROVAL DEATH…He VALUED his own LIFE ISOLATION…He was FOCUSED on the TEMPORARY John 18:15-18; 25-27 Acts 2:36  A resurrected Jesus gave him CONFIDENCE Other believers gave him ENCOURAGEMENT Obedience gave him FOCUS Prayer gave him FAITH Sharing the Gospel gave him BOLDNESS


Greed is the UNHEALTHY pursuit of MORE Judas was CHOSEN John 6:64 John 6:70-71 Judas was an EYEWITNESS to the ministry and MIRACLES of Jesus John 12:1-6 Judas was given a LEADERSHIP RESPONSIBILITY Judas RATIONALIZED his SIN John 13:21-29 Judas was good at PLAYING the GAME Judas chose MONEY over Jesus John 18:2-5 Judas was ultimately DESTROYED by his GREED Acts 1:16-18 What are you pursuing? What is your price?