I’m New

I’m New

Welcome to Second Baptist Church!

What time should I be there?
We have three identical Sunday morning worship services that start at 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early to park and check your children in before the service begins. Take advantage of the free coffee available in the lobby. When you hear the music start you’ll know it’s time to come into the Worship Center.

What should I wear?
You will see among our congregation and our pastors everything from jackets and ties to jeans and t-shirts – and as the weather warms up some shorts will be worn as well. Wear what you feel comfortable in and you’ll fit right in.

What will the service be like?
We start with music from a live band led by our Worship Pastor, a choir and a team of singers. Music is a mixture of contemporary worship songs and hymns with a modern feel. Multimedia elements on a large screen at the front help the audience join us in singing. Our lead pastor will encourage and challenge you with a message from the Bible. Each service lasts approximately 65 minutes.

Will I be asked to give anything?
There will be a time in the morning services where we pass an offering plate. If you are visiting we don’t expect you to to give any money. You will find a guest info card in the seat back in front of you. We ask that you fill that out and drop it in the box at the exit as your only contribution. Please share your prayer requests with us on the other side of the card. Our pastors consider it a privilege to pray over these each week.

What about my kids?
You are always welcome to take your children to the worship service with you. During the morning services you have the option to check your babies through 4th graders in to our secure children’s area just across from the worship center. Your children will be engaged in age-graded small group Bible study.

I have older kids, what are their options?
We have a preteen class for 5th and 6th grades during small group hours at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Students 7th – 12th grade attend the 9:30 am service and have grade-specific small groups during the 11:00 am hour. Visit the Welcome Center in the main lobby for more information and locations of these classes.

Click here to fill out a visitor information form. If you have children it will make your first-time check in go much quicker!

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